A history of the bomber command

The strips fluttered down, creating a mass of reflections on German radar screens which made it difficult to distinguish the bombers and gave them an easy run on target. The same pattern applies to the five raids against Duisburg and the two against Hamburg.

The Soviets were allies of necessity; Churchill is known to have said that if Hitler attacked Hell, he Churchill would have at least a few good words to say for the Devil. These bombers carried little defensive armament and avoided fighters and antiaircraft guns by flying as high as 50, feet 15, metres.

Singapore fell to the Japanese on February 15 Hong Kong had already fallen, on Christmas Day,effectively bringing to an end the British Empire. Greater success was achieved in a daylight raid against Eindhoven on December 6, when 93 light bombers Venturas, Bostons and Mosquitos savaged the Phillips factories.

Weather, we know, affected bombing. Nothing came of the raid because Graf Zeppelin was obscured, but seven of the Lancs completed the journey, bombing alternate targets, without loss.

Both Richards and Middlebrook suggest the weather played a role in the high loss rate, and they are undoubtedly correct. Carl "Tooey" Spaatz, Head of U. It was a schizophrenic life really. Flying in streams hundreds of aircraft strong, these planes attacked railroad facilities, bridges, factories, and oil refineries and killed tens of thousands of civilians in firebombings of such cities as Dresden, Hamburg, and Tokyo — Even though all these increased the weight of the "C" model to 49, pounds, the installation of the 1, Wright Cyclones made the "C" capable of MPH, the fastest of all B variants.

Most sorties either failed to find their targets, or were leaflet-dropping missions the first flights by RAF bombers over the German homeland were only to drop propaganda leaflets at night.

RAF Bomber Command

His subordinates admired and supported him, and his crews all but worshipped him. Portal had been a supporter of strategic bombing since his own days as C-in-C Bomber Command, and had been the first to advocate the creation of a 4,bomber force to carry the air war to Germany.

The Air War, and British Bomber Crews, in World War Two

On the 17th of August, a large force of bombers raided Schweinfurt and Regensburg. Afternobody in Britain outside Bomber Command was convinced it could do the job it had set itself. Too late to see action in World War II, the airplane has been restored to flying condtion by a warbirds group in Wisconsin.

Organisation[ edit ] Bomber Command comprised a number of Groups. On the other hand, later in and in the first days ofevents occurred which gave clear indication that the allied cause was, if not safe, then in the ascendant. For this reason a version of the aircraft was produced which made use of Bristol Hercules radial engines.

RAF Bomber Command

The "every second night" approach may have been tactically sound. In cobbling together even the first of the thousand-bomber raids, however, Harris drew on every aircraft he could find.

The first thing worth noting is the number of days 25, or Updated January 21, The first was lack of size; Bomber Command was not large enough effectively to operate as an independent strategic force.By Walter J.

Arthur 'Bomber' Harris (1892 - 1984)

Boyne 3/9/ • Aviation History Magazine. Bomber Command.

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

by Max Hastings. Rereading Bomber Command makes it easy to understand why the book was so enthusiastically received by buffs when first published in Max Hastings writes with a sure hand, and the depth of his research was groundbreaking at the time. RAF BOMBER COMMAND OPERATIONS75 years ago Night Ops, November 11/12th, Thursday night and early Friday: 1) CANNES - Halifaxes and 10 Lancasters of 4,6 and 8 Groups to attack the marshalling yards and railway installations on the main coastal line to Italy.

In RAF Bomber Command had 23 operational bomber squadrons, with aircraft. This modest force gave Britain the means to immediately strike back at Nazi Germany, but only against strictly military targets at first.

This operational history of the XX (20th) Bomber Command and its combat missions from India and China in and traces the development of the Boeing B Superfortress program and the Allied plans to stage long-range bombers through China for strikes against Japan’s strategic industries.

I Bomber Command

The B-1 Lancer bomber made its first flight inand its next version, the B-1B, went on to establish 61 world records in speed, distance. Home History & archive History of Bomber Command History of Bomber Command Helping to protect our nation during WWII were more thanmen, from all over the world, who served as Aircrew in Bomber Command.

A history of the bomber command
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