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Content[ edit ] In The Gay Science, Nietzsche experiments with the notion of power but does not advance any systematic theory. I still live, I still think; I must still live, for I must still think. An easy prey is something contemptible for proud natures. It is something laughable to see those writers who make the folding robes of their periods rustle around them: I can only suggest-I cannot do more!

As the conditions for the maintenance of one community have been very different from those of another community, there have been very different moralities; and in respect to the future essential transformations of herds and communities, states and societies, one can prophesy that there will still be very divergent moralities.

Nietzsche meant this not only intellectually, but also aesthetically: I have looked upon this city, its villas and pleasure-grounds, and the wide circuit of its inhabited heights and slopes, for a considerable time: To this day the task of incorporating knowledge and making it instinctive is only beginning to dawn on the human eye and is not yet clearly discernible; it is The gay science task that is seen only by those who have comprehended that so far we have incorporated only our errors and that all our consciousness relates to errors.

The Gay Science

He wrote that Murphy's book made his own work Homosexuality: I always see the builder, how he casts his eye on all that is built around him far and near, and likewise on the city, the sea, and the chain of mountains; how he expresses power and conquest with his gaze: An intellect which could see cause and effect as a continuum, which could see the flux of events not according to our mode of perception, as things arbitrarily separated and broken - would throw aside the conception of cause and effect, and would deny all conditionality.

But when shall we be at an end with our foresight and precaution? We have left the land and have gone aboard ship! In their isolation, however, they have very often had quite a different effect than at present, when they are confined within the limits of scientific thinking and kept mutually in check - they have operated as poisons; for example, the doubting impulse, the denying impulse, the waiting impulse, the collecting impulse, the disintegrating impulse.

In order that what happens necessarily and always, spontaneously and without any purpose, may henceforth appear to be done for some purpose and strike man as rational and an ultimate commandment, the ethical teacher comes on stage, as the teacher of the purpose of existence; and to this end he invents a second, different existence and unhinges by means of his new mechanics the old, ordinary existence.

What lustrums, what sacred games shall we have to devise? I do not want to accuse, I do not want even to accuse the accusers.

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He criticized Murphy for devoting too much space to discussing anti-gay views and arguments. Here the ugly, which does not permit of being taken away, has been concealed, there it has been The gay science into the sublime.

Now, what is to become of the fifth act? The craving for suffering When I think of the craving to do something, which continually tickles and spurs those millions of young Europeans who cannot endure their boredom and themselves, then I realize that they must have a craving to suffer and to find in their suffering a probable reason for action, for deeds.

But what first led to a positing of "another world" in primeval times was not some impulse or need but an error in the interpretation of certain natural events, a failure of the intellect. We are two ships, each of which has its goal and its course; we may, to be sure, cross one I another in our paths, and celebrate a feast together as we did before-and then the gallant ships lay quietly in one harbor and in one sunshine, so that it might have been thought they were already at their goal, and that they had had one goal.

This project was obviously not one of system building—at least, not at first—but of assault. He also praised Murphy for helpfully addressing "questions about the supposed naturalness or unnaturalness of homosexual desire and behavior" and for his discussion of "the consequences for society of his lines of thought.

Under the rule of religious ideas, one has become accustomed to the notion of "another world behind, below, above "—and when religious ideas are destroyed one is troubled by an uncomfortable emptiness and deprivation. Wherever we meet with a morality we find a valuation and order of rank of the human impulses and activities.The gay science isn't for everyone, but for those who are interested in the mind of Nietzsche he offers a personal and insightful range of ideas and thoughts.

Read more Published 1 year ago/5(74). Nietzsche called The Gay Science "the most personal of all my books." It was here that he first proclaimed the death of God -- to which a large part of the book is devoted -- and his doctrine of the eternal recurrence/5.

quotes from The Gay Science: ‘What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: 'This life as.

The Gay Science

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The words 'The Gay Science' translate the German title 'Die Frohliche Wissenschaft'. No one, presumably, is going to be misled by the more recent associations of the word 'gay' - it simply means joyful, In The.

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The Gay Science Quotes

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The gay science
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